Product Photography and Stills

The frontal version of photography taken from above is called stills or still photography. Your product is photographed as a laid product, separately or
in combination.
We photograph your product in a high-resolution all-round view, so you can zoom in on the smallest detail. By means of the zoom viewer, your customer has the opportunity to recognize the texture and quality of your product down to the last detail.

Despite the high image quality, fast loading times are guaranteed in your online shop or on your website.

Your profile

We create an individual customer profile for each customer. To do this, we first define a specific colour-true image style in consultation with the client. Then the different sets, light settings and a white balance are noted. This way we can guarantee that images from future shoots will perfectly match the previous campaign. In online shops, for example, you can’t tell from the product photos that they were taken at different times. This creates a consistent look that matches the corporate identity.


You get a personal digital access to your photos.
Stay in control with a user-friendly web interface that makes it easy to prioritise and finalise images.
Once the image processing is complete, you can also download your images directly here in the previously agreed image sizes and resolutions.


If you wish, we can photograph your products on a 100% white background.
Of course, we will also crop your products after consultation and place them in an ideal background according to your corporate identity.

Cutting, filling & aligning

To ensure that your products are shown to their best effect in the product images in your online store, we ensure consistent adherence to previously defined standards for the adjustment of margins, cropping and vertical alignment of the images during the shoot.

Reflection and drop shadows

On request, we can add natural reflection and drop shadows to your products to increase the attractiveness of your merchandise and make the product images appear more dynamic.

Ironing service

In the run-up to the shooting, it is possible to have your goods ironed by a cooperating company and delivered to the studio or the shooting location. This guarantees that the garments will be photographed wrinkle-free and in perfect condition.


Of course, we also create images that meet the requirements of Amazon and other platforms, enabling you to stand out skilfully from your competitors.

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