The Crew

We are not about beeing normal or confirming, maintainig the status quo or simply working trough a project. Our Team is on FIRE, we don’t work alongside eachother, but perform together and encourage each other to always exceed our potenital and learn from each other.

We invest in the work environment, activities and individual development of our team members, not only enhancing overall well-being, but also fostering the development of a true sense of belonging and the inner drive of each individual.

There is no stagnation, no 9 to 5, no 0815, we are always ready and always able to adapt to new conditions. This liveliness and flexibility is the perfect breeding ground for outstanding ideas and innovations from which your company can only benefit.

Patrick Art

CEO – Foto & Videograf – Designer – Coach – Endboss


Brandbuilding – Socialmedia Marketing – Market


Studio Management – Photography – Image Editing


Project Management – Concept – Strategy


Videography – Mastering – Editor – Cutter


Watch Dog – Studio Dog – Womanizer